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Adult Ministries

We are a church with great love and respect for every age group in our family. ENCORE Ministry is focused on adults ages 55 and up.

It is our belief that this group has much to offer and these years are not years we decide to “take our final walk off the stage,” but a time to use special abilities God has given us to be an active part of the church.


We realize this is a wide age span and so we attempt to have activities to meet the needs of various age and health groups.


Led by Pastor Wes Bittenbender, this ministry meets for Bible studies, small groups, special events, and field trips. More than that, it offers opportunities to build and foster relationships so that our Senior Adults can support each other in times of joy, pain, and mission.


Many times, there is a feeling of loneliness during these years, and this group gives us opportunities to share our lives and experiences with others and perhaps do things we would not consider doing by ourselves.

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