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We are so grateful for hardworking, dedicated teachers and staff in our community. 

Click on the links below to bless the teachers & staff from our congregation as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

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St. George Elementary (Illinois)

3rd-5th Special Education

Indian Lake Elementary


Indian Lake Elementary

1st Grade

Chris Freed

Comstock Early Learning Academy

Admin Assistant to Principal

Schoolcraft High School

Special Education

Sunset Lake Elementary

Math Intervention

Indian Lake, Sunset & Tobey Elementary

Vicksburg Middle School

Behavior Technician K-8

Kalamazoo Public Schools

Elementary Special Education

Indian Lake Elementary

Reading & Math Intervention

Indian Lake Elementary

3rd Grade

Tree of Life - Kalamazoo

7th & 8th Grade

Sunset Lake Elementary

5th Grade

Sunset Lake Elementary

4th Grade

Did we forget you? If we unintentionally missed one of our teachers/staff, please feel free to send us your list!

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