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Synergy Student Ministries is an integral part of the family life of our Middle and High School students (6th – 12th grade).

Our vision is to help students and parents develop a sincere and authentic faith, discover a home in the church, and follow Jesus into the world. We know that the teenage years can be tough, so we are excited about partnering with our students and parents through this time of personal growth.


We take Scripture seriously in our weekly gatherings because we believe that God wants to speak to teenagers. We don’t believe they are just the future of the church, as some would suggest, we believe they are the church! Through Bible reading, teaching, discussion, music, and prayer we labor to make room for the Holy Spirit to move.

Synergy Student Ministries is an excellent opportunity for students to experience a positive peer environment, talk about real life issues, and learn about Jesus in a way that will empower them to live life to the fullest.

Please contact Pastor Ashley to get plugged into Synergy Student Ministries and join our weekly communicator. 

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